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Multiple copies of Firefox on windows

22 Jan 2010

Upgrading is good but there are some who just don’t updgade as often as others, so I have upgraded to Firefox 3 but wanted to keep Firefox 2 at hand for testing websites I develop, so here is how to install multiple copies of Firefox on Windows.

Step 1

Download Firefox

Step 2

Go to start run and type:

firefox.exe -ProfileManager

This will open Profile Manager

Step 3

Inside Profile Manager create a new profile and store it in a new location

Step 4

Now install the version of Firefox you want to use alongside the previously installed one, also remember to select a new location for the new one you are installing.

Step 5

After completing installation, go to the shortcut icon and right click then select properties. Inside properties add this to the target path:

-p profilename

so now your traget path should read:

“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox3\firefox.exe” -p profilename

note: profilename should be the same name you created in step 3

And you ask is its possible to run both versions of Firefix at the same time? the answer is yes, look below on how to configure this.

Additional Step

Just add -no-remote after the profile name and you can have multiple versions running on one machine at the same time. So your target path should look like this:

“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox3\firefox.exe” -p profilename -no-remote

note: please make sure that you have two seperate shortcut icons for Firefox, because when you install a new one it will overwrite the old shortcut icon so you will need to copy it and set the target path and Start in back to the old one.

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