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New Website Ready

06 Jan 2010

After long Nights and Hard pushed Days, I have managed to get the new website up and running. This have been a long awaiting task and now I have completed it. When the task of designing and developing a new website came to mind I had to decide on which tools I would be using. It was easy to decide on which web technology to build it on since I am more experienced with PHP than any other web technology.

Since my portfolio would be changing alot and I wanted to write articles and had little time to get this done I opt not to build the website from scratch, so I had to choose which opensource CMS/Blogging platform to use. I thought maybe I should use Wordpress but since it is not really a CMS but more of a blogging platform it was quickly dropped, then I thought let me use Drupal but I am not fully comfortable with it to work on such a big project and my thoughts went to MODx which is the CMS I use on a regular basis. With the latest version of MODx you can now custoomize the backend so it is more easier to manager templates. I will give some insight on the setup I am using on this website in later articles.

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