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Microframework are great for quick prototyping

17 Mar 2011

I have recently started to use microframeworks to prototype and test ideas in short sprints rather than creating a full blown web application. I will be talking about a upcoming PHP 5 Microframework called Slim Framework. Slim Framework as small as the package might be is a feature filled framework which keeps the separation between presentation and business logic. Some of the features available are Restful routing, Named routes, Custom views, Signed Cookies and more.

I decided on using Slim Framework because of its simplicity of use and it is well documented, the developer of the framework is very helpful and easy to contact on twitter. The idea of Slim Framework not being coupled with any sort of database libraries or tied to any database was also one of the factors for choosing Slim Framework over all the other microframeworks available for PHP.

Here is a example code taken from Slim Framework website.

require 'slim/Slim.php';
Slim::get('/hello/:name', function ($name) {
    echo "Hello $name";

The routing is done at function call, you can also create predefined routes if you prefer to work in that way. Slim Framework developer continues to add in new features and fix bugs as they are logged. I will write more about this framework as I continue to use it for prototyping and will show examples of websites I create using this framework.

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